I felt immediate relief & “lightness”

I realized Zack was a special person when he came to my house several years ago as a personal trainer. His ability then to read and pinpoint issues whether physical or emotional was amazing. He gave me the tools I needed in order to breakthrough my blocks.

Recently, I had a vibrational healing massage from Zack which was a wonderful experience! In the past 26 years I have done many types of bodywork with amazing practioners. The key thread throughout the great ones is, they work purely through Source with no ego & their intention is to serve the highest good of the client.

I have added Zack to my list! He was so spot on with things that were going on in my body & gently worked on releasing what was no longer needed. After our session, I felt immediate relief & “lightness” a true shift had happened. The next day I continued to feel as though a major shift happened & things started to move more fluid in my life.

I look forward to my next session!

Nancy Korbett,

P.S. I’m thrilled about your path & really do look forward to having more sessions with you! Lots moving and changing …so good to stay “clear”.

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