My session with Zack was amazing.

My session with Zack was amazing.  Not only did he work out my knots of tension and pain, but he was also friendly and gave me suggestions of things to do at home to help with my issues.  All in all he was excellent, and I will definitely be back.

 Alexandra P.

Hayward, CA

Thank you for your work

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing a Reconnection through Zach Philpot, one of the practitioners of The Reconnection. I requested the healing not for any specific physical ailment, but just to see what would happen.

I do not know what type of healing took place, but I do know that within the week following my session, I had the courage to speak my truth to my husband about our relationship — something I had been struggling with. I am happy to say that the conversation lead to a real healing in our relationship — a conversation I thought would break us completely apart. I am very thankful that the healing process transcended me: through the relationship struggle, my husband and I both made huge gains that allowed us to move forward, together, in a healthier fashion.

As you said, healings occur — we just may not know how or when.

Thank you for your work.

Zack is, however, phenomenal….

If you are looking for a dark room with candles and soothing music, this place is not for you.
Zack is, however, phenomenal. I am used to getting massages every few weeks and have gotten every type of massage imaginable (I thought), but he really knows what he’s doing, and has an extensive tool box to choose from, which gives him the ability to tailor the session precisely to your needs.

His massage technique is functional, deliberate, and effective. It’s expensive, but with a Yelp discount it’s a good deal. Also, I am hesitant to admit this, but it’s actually really worth the full $100. I would pledge myself as a faithful client if I could afford it. It is a clothes on, no lotion/oil type of place, so make sure to come in yoga pants and at least a sports bra. The building is kind of loud and creaky, and there is only a shared restroom between all of the suites. Overall, though, a very good experience.

Alexis A.

San Mateo, CA

I was very amazed with my session with Zach…

I was very amazed with my session with Zach. I feel I was drawn to meet him for a reason and for the first time in a long while I feel centered – my chronic back pain is gone and I am hopeful about keeping it away. I am also confident that I am on my way to maintaining my happy place of alignment.

This business is not at the top of the search results so if you find my review here – go with it, I am confident it won’t be regretted.


Davida B.

San Mateo, CA


Zack was amazing….

Zack was amazing. He found so many knots and relieved them. He also give me a few tips and exercises to do at home to help with my knots.

Jenny C.
Burlingame, CA

Zack was a tremendous help when I was going through a life altering event

“Zack was a tremendous help when I was going through a life altering event. It’s impossible not to respond to his energy when you walk in to a session with him. His presence has such a healing quality to it, and was so surprised at the way my body responded to his work. After my first visit I was mentally drained, but felt much stronger emotionally and had a sense of calm that I had not had in several weeks. I highly recommend Zack for anyone seeking calming energy and body work.”

Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon.


He’s a fantastic healer

I bought a groupon now deal for an hour session. I was having trouble sleeping because I had a huge knot in my shoulder, so I jumped on this deal. He was able to fit me in after a few emails and when I showed up he immediately got to the root of the problem, regarding my neck. After an hour he had loosened up the problem area and gave some instructions on aftercare..epsom salt bath and rest. He’s a fantastic healer.

Melissa M.
Union City, CA

I’ve had many massages in the past, but this one by far has been the most helpful.

Came here for the first time on the spur of the moment for massage with Zack and was very impressed. I typically ask for deep-tissue massages because my body gets wound up tight and sore from weeks of stress at work and this time I had just come back from a 20 mile day hike the previous day.

It’s not the massage where the lights are dimmed and oil is slathered over your body. Rather my session was very helpful, informative as Zack worked and pinpointed my trouble spots right away, kneading the stress points. He was very helpful in educating me what what was causing the muscle soreness and ways to ameliorate it through daily stretches and which muscles to target that was the source of the problem.

I can say I left feeling empowered to make a change in my lifestyle routine that would impact my well-being. I’ve had many massages in the past, but this one by far has been the most helpful.

Judy C.
Belmont, CA

Zack is amazing

Zack is amazing. A friend of mine asked me the other day how my ankle was. I almost didnt even know what he was talking about until I realized that my friend had witnessed my reaccuring issues with my ankle a few years ago that I had practically forgotten about after Zack had worked on it only a few times last year. His incredible intention and energy along with his knowledge of anatomy, bodywork and tension release is the perfect combination you hope to encounter in a healer, massage therapist, coach and friend.  

I had intended to write this a while ago, but you know that fun saying of everything happens for a reason. Its actually kinda perfect because I probably didnt even at the time understand or appreciate the full scope of healing on my mind, body and spirit that he helped in facilitating until I was able to look back and realize that my pain is in the past as it should be.

Thank you Zack!

Cecile B.

San Francisco, CA