Zack is amazing

Zack is amazing. A friend of mine asked me the other day how my ankle was. I almost didnt even know what he was talking about until I realized that my friend had witnessed my reaccuring issues with my ankle a few years ago that I had practically forgotten about after Zack had worked on it only a few times last year. His incredible intention and energy along with his knowledge of anatomy, bodywork and tension release is the perfect combination you hope to encounter in a healer, massage therapist, coach and friend.  

I had intended to write this a while ago, but you know that fun saying of everything happens for a reason. Its actually kinda perfect because I probably didnt even at the time understand or appreciate the full scope of healing on my mind, body and spirit that he helped in facilitating until I was able to look back and realize that my pain is in the past as it should be.

Thank you Zack!

Cecile B.

San Francisco, CA

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