Zack Philpot is a State Certified Massage Therapist located in San Mateo in the Beresford Park area. He specializes in Deep Muscle Stripping (integrative Asian healing style) as well as Energy Work Therapies that include: Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, Angel Touch Therapy and Chakra Balancing as well as Advanced levels of Cranial Sacral Balancing and Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy.

“Zack is by far one of the most profoundly gifted healers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Every time we have a healing session I leave feeling so connected and at peace with myself and the world around me. He has an amazing ability to relax you and get your mind and body exactly where it needs to be for optimal healing! I would strongly recommend anyone from any walk of life, experience the loving healing energy Zack has to offer, whether it’s in search of better health, peace of mind, or just an uplifting experience you’ll never forget”
Sydney S.,
San Diego, CA

Massage Techniques

I am trained in many styles of massage therapy and energy work, and have made it my life’s work to help in the facilitation of greater health and healing. The massage therapy aspect clears the bigger knots, aches and pains that tend to ail the physical body. With the energy work, the healing process can go even deeper into the cellular, mental and spiritual levels so that you can start to let go of the damaging effects of stress. When combined, you can truly realign the mind, body and spirit.

Fitness Tips

The following 3 habits will result in weight gain faster than you can say ‘anti-fitness habits.’ Break these habits quickly.

  1. Drinking Calories. Stick with water to avoid extra calories.
  2. Not Exercising. Exercise 3-5 days per week to keep your muscles strong and metabolism high.
  3. Eating a Heavy Dinner. Instead of eating the majority of your calories late in the day, spread it out over the entire day.