Zack is, however, phenomenal….

If you are looking for a dark room with candles and soothing music, this place is not for you.
Zack is, however, phenomenal. I am used to getting massages every few weeks and have gotten every type of massage imaginable (I thought), but he really knows what he’s doing, and has an extensive tool box to choose from, which gives him the ability to tailor the session precisely to your needs.

His massage technique is functional, deliberate, and effective. It’s expensive, but with a Yelp discount it’s a good deal. Also, I am hesitant to admit this, but it’s actually really worth the full $100. I would pledge myself as a faithful client if I could afford it. It is a clothes on, no lotion/oil type of place, so make sure to come in yoga pants and at least a sports bra. The building is kind of loud and creaky, and there is only a shared restroom between all of the suites. Overall, though, a very good experience.

Alexis A.

San Mateo, CA

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