Your treatment was full of care, and love, and very accurate!

Hi Zack

I am now back in the UK and settled back into all the routines of real life! I had such a wonderful time with Richard and Nancy and they always spoil me so. It is so wonderful to have some exquisite personal time with them. I miss them very much and it takes a little emotional re-organization when I return home.

However, I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful treatment. It was so special to be able to connect with you again, and as ever your treatment was full of care, and love, and very accurate! I have felt the benefits, and indeed it is still processing. In fact some of the processing has I think caused a few challenges for me and also for some close to me. Not intentional, but has just come about and I think will take a little time to work through. I am continuing to ask for guidance, and it is always there – so I look forward to feeling the release when everything clears as I know it will.

Meantime – thank you – and I wish for you all that is good. I have no doubt that you will enjoy great success. I shall look forward to connecting with you again when I next come to visit with Richard and Nancy.

Meantime – love, light and blessings

Rosie Brown

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