He instantly managed to pinpoint and relieve the problem

Zack came into my life when I visited my son and daughter in law in California. He is a personal trainer to my daughter in law. I had flown for 11 hours from England, and having had some major spinal surgery a few years ago – any kind of long term inactivity is very trying. I was in some pain. Having heard from my lovely daughter in law about how wonderful Zack’s work was, I decided to see if he could help me.

I have worked for the last 12 years in aromatherapy, massage and healing – so I am quite body aware, and very particular about the kind of treatment that I find acceptable and helpful for me. I will tell you now, that the treatment I received from Zack was exceptional. He is a most knowledgeable practitioner, and inspires confidence immediately. His treatment is firm, but careful and gentle.

He listens and acts according to the need presented. He instantly managed to pinpoint and relieve the problem – using relevant pressure points, massage, and gentle exercise – followed by excellent back up advice and information on how to proceed over the coming days. I felt nurtured and cared for, and relief from symptoms was relieved throughout my stay.

I wished I could take him with me back to England!

Zack I thank you so much for your help and I will certainly have further treatment on my next visit to California. You and your work are a delight and I wish you enormous success. All those treated by you are fortunate indeed.

Warmest wishes,

Rosie Brown

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